Birmingham City Council angry over strip club shooting

By Ashley Nix

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - After a double shooting at Sensations strip club over the weekend, Birmingham City Councilors are saying 'I told you so.'

Back when the club originally applied for its business license, councilors denied it after getting dozens of complaints from citizens and mayors from 2 other cities. On Tuesday, chairman of the public safety committee Johnathan Austin said, "It's a travesty."

Officers say the shooting happened when a customer, Barry Colston, was asked to leave; he pulled a handgun and shot a security guard and employee.  One injury is believed to be life threatening.  

Austin says if a judge had not overruled the council's original decision, this never would have happened.  "My job as chairman of public safety is to make sure the laws are adhered to," Austin said.  "And if they are not, we'll shut up down, lock 'em down and lock 'em out."  Austin made those remarks while holding a padlock, saying he was furious about the situation.

Councilor Valerie Abbott said fears about the club are exactly why it was denied a license at first.  "We were fearful of those kinds of incidents would occur," Abbott said.  "And that it was near a residence."
The Public Safety Committee will discuss the issue Wednesday at 2 pm at Birmingham City Hall.  
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