Improvements made to HWY 160, yet drivers want it widened

By Sherea Harris

WARRIOR, AL (WBRC) - A meeting was held on what's being done to make a dangerous stretch of highway safer.

Community members met with ALDOT officials.

Several people have been killed on Highway 160 in the Hayden area. A community group called Highway 160 Promise helped to bring this to the attention of the state.

There have been some improvements on Highway 160. The shoulders have been widened, drainage work has been done to decrease hydroplaning , and a turning lane has been added. Drivers want the road widened.
"It's difficult for us to predict where we are in the review process with the Federal Highway Administration, said Tony Harris, ALDOT spokesperson. "They have our latest submission of the environmental documents and preliminary plan. The ball is in their court. We are waiting on them."

"I miss my cousin more than anything. But I just hope they get highway fixed so no one else lose family members loved ones," said Christina Lowe. Her cousin was killed on Highway 160.

The approval from the Federal Transportation Administration could take 12 to 18 months.

If all goes as planned the five mile widening project from I-65 towards Hayden could start next year.

Until then, and as always, drivers are strongly urged to pay attention behind the wheel and slow down on Highway 160.

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