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I-65 to get grand changes this summer

By Ashley Nix

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - This summer, Interstate 65 will undergo 7 major construction zones.  And the Alabama Department of Transportation is concerned not only about local drivers, but also about out-of-towners who might be traveling to and from the beach. 

Brian Davis, 3rd Division Engineer with ALDOT, says the hope is to somehow alert drivers in Alabama and other states that there could be delays. 

"A traveler could go through one zone, then through a 2nd, a 3rd and 4th," Davis said.  "And by the time they get through the 5th and 6th one, if they didn't know that it can give them a negative connotation of the state of Alabama."

That's something tourism and state leaders don't want to happen. Davis says the hope is for DOT leaders in Montgomery to come up with some way to alert travelers via websites and other alerts, letting them know good and bad times to come through those construction zones.  "How do we get this out to the person from remote north or south Alabama," Davis said.  "Or Tennessee or Kentucky who needs to go to the beach."

It's what state leaders are working on and will hopefully have a plan of action within the next couple of weeks. 

Davis says that for local drivers, it will be important to remember after all this is over, Interstate 65 will be much better.

 Here's a list of current projects and those starting the summer 2010:

- Re-surface I-65 from Mt. Olive Road to Walkers Chapel Road.

- Corridor "X" tie in to I-65 between Walkers Chapel Road and 41st Avenue.

- Widen I-65 from 41st Avenue to 16th Street.

- Concrete Replacement on I-65 from US 31, Vestavia, to I-459

- Add auxiliary lanes on I-65 from I-459 to Valleydale Road

- Widen I-65 from Valleydale Road to County Road 52

- Resurface I-65 from south of US 31, Alabaster to the Shelby/Chilton County line

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