UAB engineering facility gains U.S. Army support

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – The U.S. Army Research Laboratory has awarded the UAB School of Engineering Metals Processing Laboratory with $1 million to research the large-scale development and production of innovative materials.

UAB MSE researchers will be working with the laboratory's equipment to create and test new metals and alloys for vehicle armor. The rare equipment at the laboratory is capable of making  500-pound castings that are significantly larger than the test samples that could be poured at other facilities.

"The metals lab will provide a low-risk test bed for scaling up processes and allows for rapid transition to industry," says Alan Druschitz, Ph.D., an MSE research professor. "Our facilities will help drive industry innovation while giving our UAB students special opportunities to work on the field's cutting edge."

The funding from the ARL is an extension on a relationship with UAB in 2004 when the lab created metals for use in missiles and body armor.