Police issue warning of home invasions

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Several recent home invasion robberies in the Birmingham area have police issuing a warning. They want you to take precautions so you don't become a victim.

Police say the best precaution is common sense; that means looking out for your neighbors, activating your alarm system if you have one and keeping your bushes trimmed so you could see a criminal coming.

Birmingham P.D. Crime Prevention Specialist De'voris Ragland says it is especially important to be cautious in the warmer months. "In particular in this time of year, con artists use warm weather to target elderly. We are asking all senior adults to be careful," says Ragland. "Be careful of solicitors. If you're going to be out in your yard, make sure you keep a phone on you and lock your doors."

Police in Homewood, Pelham and Northport are all investigating recent home invasions.

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