New Student Ticket Program at University of Alabama

By Kelvin Reynolds

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Many University of Alabama students say they lived a horror story during Alabama championship football season last year.

"Man, I logged on my mybama account, logged on the same time as anybody else, but just like 10,000 other students, I didn't get my tickets," said David Harris.

Students blame a fierce ticket demand that overloaded the application system.

David Fowler, the new Student Government Association President at the University of Alabama, believes those problems will not happen again. "We heard many complaints. It was a waiting room system and the system was not a true first-come first-serve because there were so many system difficulties with so many people logging on," said Fowler.
Here's how the new system would work:

First, students will log onto their mybama account and request they want to buy tickets later this year.
Secondly, their accumulated credit hours will determine what day of the week they can apply for tickets later this year.
This would make much harder for too many people to log on at the same time and overload the system. According to Fowler, students will be broken up into groups of 30 credit hours. For example, students with 0 to 30 credit hours can apply for tickets on June 14th. Those with 30 to 60 credit hours can apply June 15th. Students with 61 to 90 credit hours have to apply on June 16th. Students with 91 or more credit hours can apply on June 17th. Graduate students get to apply for tickets on June 18th.
Stadium expansion gives many students a better chance at getting tickets. An additional 2000 seats for students during the upcoming football season brings to total number of seats in the student section to 17,000 according to Fowler.  

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