Severe weather plan for Talladega Superspeedway

By Dixon Hayes

TALLADEGA SUPERSPEEDWAY, AL (WBRC) - Spring brings race week to Talladega County, but it also brings rain and even threats of severe weather, and that could be a problem for campers at a major outdoor event.

Some 100,000 people are expected to be part of the Aaron's Race Weekend at the Talladega Superspeedway, and many of those are campers, but there isn't enough indoor space on speedway property to hold all of those people if severe weather rips through.

Speedway chairman Grant Lynch says campers are encouraged to shelter in place and notes some will even look for low-lying areas.

"You're talking about an outdoor venue, it's not a thing where, it's not a superdome where you can put 80 thousand people inside a building," Lynch says. "Certainly we'll be (notifying campers), giving them some advice on what to do with their campgrounds about tying down everything that they can, taking down tarps, taking down, drop your tent if you can.  All the R-V's need to pull their awnings in."

Campers say they're used to it.  Clifton Smith of Kentucky has followed the NASCAR circuit around the south this year, when there has already been an unusual amount of rain.

"We've had rain just about everywhere we went this year.  Daytona, it was cold, Nashville, it rained, so we make it through it."

If either the Aaron's 312 on Saturday or the Aaron's 499 on Sunday are rained out, NASCAR will decide when and if the race is continued or run.  Customarily, it's on the next available day, which would be Monday.

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