Home invasion victim speaks

By Arielle Clay

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - A woman and her two children will never forget what happened to them Wednesday after two men kicked in the front door of their house and punched the woman in the face.

The home invasion turned into a chase involving two police departments.

Latoya Glover was at home with her two small children when she heard a noise at her door.  She thought it was her husband coming home from work.

"I heard another boom and I guess that's when they kicked the door down and I came in the dining room and saw the guy who looked familiar," Glover told FOX6 News.

Before she had time to think Glover was face-to-face with another man who also had broken into her Bessemer home.

"Someone else came through my baby's bedroom and so I grabbed him and when I grabbed him I was going to get the ash tray and hit him but he punched me in the face," Glover said.

Scared for her safety Glover cried out for help.

"I was going to run out but the only thing i could think about was a gun he could have had a gun so I just started hollering."

That's when both of the men took off.  One jumped in a car sitting in front of her home.

"Tried to get the car started but couldn't and the guy that hit me ran down the street and I guess he was going to meet him at the other end," she said.

Bessemer Police caught up with the car and chased it into Birmingham where the city's police department joined in.  Once in West End, police said both men jumped from the car and fled.  Police arrested one man nearby, but were still searching for the other man Wednesday evening.

Bessemer Police say they believe the men were trying to steal from the home and didn't think anyone was there at the time.

The man who was arrested had not been identified nor charged Wednesday evening.  Police are investigating the identity and description of the second man who is still on the loose.

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