Flower shipments affected by Iceland's volcanic ash

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It is not just air travelers that remain stranded in Europe, but masses of flower shipments as well.  It is all due to that ash cloud that's rising from a volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Dorothy McDaniel's Flower Shop has felt the effects.  They learned of the problem last week when their brokers called.

"The flowers especially affected were the French tulips, regular tulips, the cymbidium orchids and peonies," said Peter McDaniel, son of owner Dorothy McDaniel.  "It did affect us in that we didn't receive the quantity we were hoping to receive."

Peter McDaniel says normally, a fresh shipment of the flowers flow in from Holland every week, but since flights have been grounded, the store has been able to rely on other domestic brokers to get the flowers they need.

It comes at a bad time considering wedding season and Administrative Assistant's week are in full bloom. McDaniel says business has not been affected.  "We run into flights getting delayed.  We had a sunflower crop killed last year.  So it's part of the business.  We just roll with the punches."

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