Editorial: Illegal immigration

The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, April 20, 2010:

America…the land of freedom and prosperity.   So many people from around the world aspire to come here to create a new life.  The process of immigration is what has built the complex, dynamic culture of America.  

At least part of that process seems to have broken down.  While many around the world wait their turn to legally enter the States, millions of others find their way into the country, unlawfully.

Why should that matter?   In the last couple of years, the tough U. S. economy has put an incredible strain on social service resources, from schools and family programs to health care.  It's like trying to put twenty pounds of potatoes in a ten pound sack.  

In fact, we've always had a difficult time finding sufficient funds for education and the many services needed for families and children.   With the influx of so many illegal immigrants, we have millions in our midst who are flying under the radar.  Their families need the same services, we all do.  If their children are born in the U.S, they are American citizens.  Yet where is the funding for all of this?

How do we fix the system?  Can we?  Is it too late?   What do you think?

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