Lawmakers busy with only 2 days left in session

By Alan Collins

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - The clock is ticking on the 2010 Alabama legislature. Lawmakers have two days left, Wednesday and Thursday.

Supporters and opponents of electronic bingo doubt a constitutional amendment will pass the statehouse.

"The bingo bill is three votes short. Three votes in Montgomery is like a hundred," Rep. John Rogers said.

"I think there is enough questions around this bill. We need to back up and deal with it next year with a fresh set of eyes with new members of the legislature," Rep. Jack Williams said.
Rogers sits on two major conference committees trying to settle differences between the House and Senate on the billion dollar road bill and the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program. Rogers says major changes will have to be made the road bill. "Jefferson County should be given more in the bill. So should Mobile. Mobile is a donor county also," Rogers said.
Williams says the big concern about the PACT program is the idea of putting caps on tuition increases. Williams says there could be legal problems."The one thing a number of us are fighting is for the legislature to come with a bill that a year from now the courts won't strike down as unconstitutional."Williams said.
Williams does hopes his bill making human trafficking a crime will pass in the last two days. Alabama does not have a law against the crime. Rogers says one bill that will not pass is a bill allowing the state to opt out of the national healthcare plan.

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