"Jane Doe" identified, remembered 28 years after her death

By Dixon Hayes

TALLADEGA, AL (WBRC) - She was known as "Jane Doe" for 28 years, but now, Talladega County officials known the name of the woman called "Unknown" on her grave, at Pine Hill Cemetary in Talladega.

Friday,  friends, family and investigators held a memorial service for Cynthia Hanes, whose body was found near Munford on April 17, 1982.  Authorities planned the service as a renewed push for information that would identify her, but before the service was held, that I.D. came.

Hanes was found beaten and strangled just off a dirt road near what is now known as Twin Churches Road.  The dirt road where she was found no longer exists.

Hanes had lived in Maryland and was last seen getting into a truck in that area in March 1982.  Her family says the recently identity gave them some measure of closure.

"Of course, it was like it happened yesterday," recalled her brother, Robert Hanes. "And it was overwhelming but now there's closure and hopefully that's what's going to help us get on with our lives."

Hanes had served a brief stint in the Army and was stationed at one time at Fort McClellan, a now-closed base that was located in Anniston.  Family members said they don't know why she would have returned to the area, and in all the years she was missing, they never would have thought about her being in Alabama.

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