Power to Save: Curbside Recycling

By Ronda Robinson

If you want to recycle but don't have the time, Gary Johnson says his new company will do it for you. "We wanted to do something for the community where recycling wasn't offered. You put it in an 18 gallon container unsorted and we pick it up once a week." Johnson said.

Curbside Recycling currently provides service to 100 people. As word spreads, Johnson told Power to Save reporter Ronda Robinson, business is expanding.

"We've been in business for a little over a year now. we do recycled pick ups once a week on wednesday in the north shelby county and chelsea area right now. We've had a good response, we've had some other municipalities around shelby county that are interested in it."

Johnson hopes his company is making a difference with each piece of paper, plastic and aluminum picked up.

"In times like this when the ecomony is down for people not to throw away money. To conserve and take care of the rivers and the environment and the places where we live."

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