UAB awarded grant to help increase use of electronic health records

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – UAB has announced that they will be spearheading the development of a curriculum that will help get health care workers to adopt the use of electronic health records(EHRs). The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology will be giving UAB $1.8 million for their work in the project.

The adoption of EHRs will require training in how to organize and safeguard information. UAB, along with other awardees, will be developing online education materials for the nationwide training of personnel.

"It is vitally important that clinicians implementing EHRs have the support of individuals knowledgeable about health IT," said Eta S. Berner, Ed.D., professor of Health Informatics in the Department of Health Services Administration. "Our team will prepare a portion of the curriculum for training those people to ensure that the goals for improved health-care quality and decreased costs can be met."

The development tasks will be divided among five of the leading health IT educational institutions in the nation; UAB, Oregon Health & Science University, Columbia University, Duke University and Johns Hopkins University.