FBI looking for stimulus fraud

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The FBI is asking for help in finding public corruption and fraud in connection with federal stimulus money.

Special Agent in Charge Patrick Maley, in a statement Friday to FOX6 News, announced plans by the local FBI office, in connection with other FBI offices around the country, to seek out public corruption and fraud stemming from the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, also known as stimulus money.  Agent Maley said the FBI "anticipates" corruption and fraud with the stimulus program and is launching an effort, "to take proactive measures to address this potential problem on a local level."

"We need the eyes and ears of all concerned citizens to help us in fighting crime and corruption," Maley said in the statement. "Don't be a silent witness. Call the FBI if you are aware of any possible corruption or fraud."

Agent Maley said the Birmingham Division of the FBI has established the following link on their website to assist citizens in identifying potential corruption:


If citizens answer "yes" to any of the questions posed on the link of the website, they are strongly encouraged to report this information to the FBI. Agent Maley said the identities of individuals providing information are kept confidential.

The FBI said citizens may also report concerns via the following methods:

Email: birmingham@ic.fbi.gov.  Place "Public Corruption Tip" in the Subject line

FBI Birmingham Public Corruption Tip Line: 1-877-628-2533

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