Leeds boy keeps his cool, saves grandparents

LEEDS, AL (WBRC) - Leeds Police say the quick thinking of a 12-year old boy Wednesday night may very well have saved his grandparents' lives.  

Around 8:30 p.m., a woman says she heard her male friend scream from the back porch of their apartment.   

"He says, 'Man, what is y'all doin'?  Who is you?  What is y'all doin''?" the woman recalls. She says she jumped up to see what was going on.   "And this guy come in the door and push me back down in the chair and told me, 'Be quiet.  Don't say nothing'."  

She says the second man came in with her friend, who'd been pistol whipped and tied them both up with clothing.  "And then they say, 'Where's the dope?  Where's the money?'  I said, 'I don't know nothing about no dope or no money."  

Little did any of them know that the elderly couple's 12-year old grandson had been playing down the hill and saw the whole situation as it unfolded.  

"I was mad and scared," says the grandson. "Because I didn't want my grandma and grandpa to get hurt."  The boy says he thought about intervening himself, but instead sent his cousin to call police.  Within minutes, officers arrived.  

"Wow.  What a brave young man.  Absolutely he did the right thing," Leeds Police Chief Ted Cook said Thursday.  "He very well may have saved their lives."   

Police arrested 32-year old Kelvin Prince and 21-year old Brandon Ladd on burglary and robbery charges.  

The female victim says woman says the men came looking for her son who may be mixed up with drugs.  She says he is not welcome at her home anymore.  "It don't make me feel good because I love my son but I can't let nobody get me killed."

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