Nurseries see green when the weather is warm and sky is blue

By Emily Luxen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Area nurseries and landscape companies are seeing green again thanks to the beautiful spring weather. Business owners said after a long, tough winter, this is welcome news. And they hope the sunny skies continue.

People itching to get into their gardens and enjoy the warmer weather, are flocking to Oak Street Garden Shop and Local Market in Mountain Brook to stock up on flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

"Business has changed dramatically since the weather improved," said Market Manager Ellen Riley, "I think everyone was so tired of winter, and now that spring is here, so we want to get out and dig."

Customers said they are anxious to start planting again and enjoying the great outdoors.

"When it warms up, everything is more energetic," said customer Laura Abernethy. "People are energized they are outside. They are pumped-up to be outside."

At Richter Landscape Company, John Richter and his staff are with calls for orders and organizing the schedule of upcoming projects.

"People I think have been out in their yards enjoying the wonderful weather and thinking of projects they want," said John Richter. "Whether it is an existing maintenance customer looking at areas of improvement or someone new. We are staying busy."

Landscapers and nursery owners said now that the freezing temperatures are over, it is a great time to start planting all flowers, herbs and vegetable plants. They hope that means business continues to bloom.

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