Electronic bingo in Fairfield granted restraining order

BESSMER, AL (WBRC) - Electronic bingo halls in the Bessemer Cutoff of Jefferson County are opening again.

Circuit Judge Eugene Verin issued a restraining order Monday, blocking the governor's anti-gambling task force from raiding them.

The city of Fairfield went to court to get the restraining order after task force commander John Tyson ordered the electronic bingo halls to shutdown Friday or face the threat of being raided. Fairfield's City Attorney, Michael Trucks, told the judge he thought the facilities should stay open until the Supreme Court releases a decision.

Once the electronic bingo halls started re-opening, it did not take long for big crowds to start forming. Those who lined up to play the machines say they want to see the issue on a ballot.

Task force commander John Tyson says he will appeal the judge's decision.

Governor Riley's office issued a statement saying in part that the state's highest court has ruled that judges have no jurisdiction to issue temporary restraining orders against the enforcement of criminal laws.

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