Maplesville police officer recovering after attack

By Alan Collins

MAPLESVILLE, AL (WBRC) - A Maplesville Police officer is resting at home after being attacked.

Michael Bradford, 30, was making a routine check at Maplesville High School early Monday morning when he came upon an open window and a suspect.

"Left the patrol car, started a foot pursuit, rounded the building... that was the last thing he remembered," Todd Ingram, Maplesville Police Chief, said.

Chief Ingram said Bradford was discovered soon after the attack by a Chilton County Sheriff's deputy.

"Officer Bradford had a bump on the head," Ingram said. "He was taken to the Shelby Co. Medical Center, checked out with a CAT scan, then released."

The Chilton Co. Sheriff's office is leading the investigation into the assault and burglary.

"Anyone who hears who these two may possibly be, we would love to hear from them," Sheriff Kevin Davis said. "Even if they think it may not be important it may be the tad bit of information to conclude this investigation."

Maplesville is a small town of about a population of 800. There is little crime, but Ingram said that has changed over the last few weeks.

"In the last few weeks we have had a rash of burglaries," Ingram said.

Sheriff Davis believes the burglaries and Bradford's assault are related.

"This guy was doing his job, trying to keep the town safe in the middle of the night," Davis said.

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