Bananas Foster the Hennessee way

    * ¼ cup (½ stick) butter
    * 1 cup brown sugar
    * ½ teaspoon cinnamon
    * ¼ cup banana liqueur
    * 4 bananas, cut in half
      lengthwise, then halved
    * ¼ cup Myers dark rum
    * 4 scoops Turtle Tracks Ice Cream

      Combine the butter, sugar, and cinnamon in a flambé pan or skillet. Place the pan over low heat either on an alcohol burner or on top of the stove, and cook, stirring, until the sugar dissolves. Stir in the banana liqueur, then place the bananas in the pan. When the banana sections soften and begin to brown, carefully add the rum. Continue to cook the sauce until the rum is hot, then tip the pan slightly to ignite the rum or light with a stick lighter. For an extra WOW gently sprinkle cinnamon over the flame.  The cinnamon will sparkle to the amazement of your guests!  When the flames subside, lift the bananas out of the pan and place four pieces over each portion of ice cream. Generously spoon warm sauce over the top of the ice cream and serve immediately.