100-year-old time capsule opened at UA

By Arielle Clay

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - On Saturday, historians and onlookers cracked open a time capsule at the University of Alabama.  For the past 100 years it was tucked away in a wall at the University's Museum of Natural History.

"It was recorded that there were souvenirs and documents sealed in the cornerstone for future generations," University archivist, Clark Center, said.

"I thought my girls would get something out of it because it's hard for a little kid to have a concept of what 100 years means so seeing things from 100 years ago would make it really real for them," Dianna Brown Williamssaid.

A crowd of all ages watched as the capsule's contents were revealed piece by piece.

"All morning we tried to figure out things that could be in there maybe things that were invented at the time predictions about what would be invented now," Brown Williams said.

Williams Brown and her two daughter's expectations weren't exactly met.

"About halfway through the box one of the girls said boy that's a lot of paper a lot of newspapers letters and commencement papers," she said.

41:19 I expected to see more hard items rather than so much paper.

Centers says the papers shouldn't be the most thrilling find from the capsule.

"There are a number of publications that I'm sure we have here in the library.  But little mementos that people left that's those are really interesting to me there is a story behind that cigar," he said.

Other personal mementos included a cartoon poking fun at Auburn University, dried flowers, several medals and a wedding ring.

The contents of the 1907 capsule are no longer a mystery but by passing out empty capsules event organizers hope people will fill them and keep making history.

"I told them they can make some predictions of what they're life will be like then and we can see how close they were to that," Brown Williams said.

The time capsule opening was part of a Homecoming celebration.  It marked the opening of an exhibit celebrating 100 years of Smith Hall.

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