Local bingo halls heed Tyson's threat and close

By Sherea Harris

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - Electronic bingo halls in Jefferson County's Bessemer division close  after being threatened by the governor's illegal gambling task force.

The commander of the task force ordered the halls to close their doors by 6pm Friday or face a raid.

All 6 of the bingo halls in Fairfield voluntarily shut down ahead of the deadline.

This has left lots of folks upset and hundreds out of a job.

"I gotta start all over again look for another job. This doesn't make any sense, make up their minds. If they don't want it open, let it stay closed. Stop opening and closing because it's messed up," said Arnitra Davis, former employee of Mr. T's Charity Bingo Hall.

Things could fire back up soon.

The City of Fairfield will try again on Monday to get a judge to sign a temporary restraining order to stop the governor's illegal gambling task force.

John Tyson filed motion to dismiss a temporary restraining order by the City of Fairfield.

Fairfield City Attorney Michael Trucks contends Tyson has no authority to shut down the bingo halls.

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