Editorial comments: Census forms

The following comments were generated from an editorial by FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, which first aired on Tuesday, April 7, 2010.

Sharon from Columbiana

A lot of people in my area have not received census forms in our mail. And would be more than happy to send in the census if we received it. I think that needs to addressed with the public that the state of Alabama is not so much being uncooperative as far as the census goes. We have not received anything in the mail.

Harold from Birmingham

I think the reason Birmingham's census returns have been so low here is because people in the city as well as state have a lack of trust in government. Officials here? We have a county who has somehow or another gotten into billions of dollars in debt, a city who is in millions of dollars of debt as well. If these city and county officials can't regulate the money that's already here how can they go after all the millions out there that's there for the taking? And who is in charge of keeping up with finances? Until we have people in place who monitor how much buying, selling and spending that's going on we will continue to be in the red.

Geraldine from Fairfield

You know it is really impossible to return a census if you don't have a census. I have relatives that have not received a census. They did receive a reminder card to send the census in that they said had already been sent to them. However, they never received a census. I have some other relatives who received two census. One census has  been sent back and then they sent another census.

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