Fairfield bingo operators ordered to shut down by task force commander

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - The commander of the governor's illegal task force has given bingo hall operators in Fairfield until Friday night at 6:00 to shut down.
John Tyson tells FOX6 News these operations are illegal.  

Matt Tortorici with the Bessemer Cutoff Bingo Alliance says they have gone to court and are seeking an injunction to stop any raid from the task force.  Tortorici says there are no plans for the bingo operations to shut down.

Meanwhile, a House committee is considering the electronic bingo bill that passed the State Senate last week. The House Tourism and Travel Committee is meeting to consider the same bill that is also the target of a federal investigation.

A week ago, six House and Senate leaders from both parties were called to meet with federal agents.
Three state senators, Democrats Larry Means and Bobby Denton, and Republican Jim Preuitt, as well as a lobbyist for country crossing, all say they have been questioned by federal investigators.

The committee action follows electronic bingo raids by state and county authorities in Jefferson County. The raids happened Wednesday at electronic bingo halls in Tarrant, Grayson Valley, Roebuck, Pinson and Gardendale.
These raids are different from the ones that have made headlines around the state. Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls initiated Wednesday's action with the help of state troopers, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.

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