Larry Langford to report to prison by 3:00 p.m.

ASHLAND, KY (WBRC) - Former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford will begin his 15-year prison sentence today in a minimum security prison in Ashland, Kentucky.  

Langford was convicted in October on 60 counts of bribery, fraud and conspiracy in connection to a scheme where Langford received bribes from investment banker Bill Blount through lobbyist Al LaPierre while Langford was President of the Jefferson County Commission.

At 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Langford will be reporting to the Ashland Federal Correctional Institute. The Institute has two different sections: the camp and the main prison. The camp has dormitory style living quarters, allows for outside work detail and has a much lower guard to prisoner ratio. The main camp is a more traditional prison where jumpsuits are required, movements are controlled and work detail takes place inside the walls. It is currently unknown which part of the camp Langford will reside.

Once Langford is taken into the prison, he will undergo about a week of entrance processing. This will include medical, psychological and educational evaluations.

Prisoners at Ashland Correctional Facility are allowed limited visitation rights. Each inmate is given 10 points per month. A weekday visit is 1 point; weekend visits are 2 points. This could be a problem for Larry Langford's family as it takes 9 hours to complete the over 500 mile drive from Birmingham to Ashland.

Medical care at the facility is a rare plus for those at the prison. Inmates will only pay a $2 copay on a medical visit, but will not be able to choose their physician.

Langford will not be the only politician in Ashland Federal Correctional Institute. Also housed at the prison is a Pennsylvania state senator who is serving time on his own separate corruption conviction.

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