Pollen problems causing allergies in many

By Melanie Posey

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It is hard to miss the yellow pollen covering just about every car out there these last few days, but it is the pollen you don't see that is making lots of people miserable.

Dr. Billy Cornay, a Birmingham Ear, Nose & Throat specialists say the yellow pine pollen we see is not what causes most allergies to surface.  "Oak pollen is out there right now.  Cedar's out there.  Juniper is out there," Cornay says.

It seems to be increased amounts of it this year, due to the weather going from cold to hot so quickly.  "I think it's hitting all at once and will probably be a worse year.  We're well into warm weather and plants are trying to catch up and they're doing a great job of it," Cornay adds.

Cornay recommends trying over the counter medicines to relieve your symptoms and says if those do not work, see a doctor for a stronger remedy.  

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