Towners still divided on quarry possibility

By Emily Luxen

VINCENT, AL (WBRC) - Vincent is one step closer to getting a controversial limestone quarry. Tuesday night, the Vincent Planning Commission recommended the council rezone the land, so White Rock Quarries can go ahead with construction.

Vincent residents packed into Town Hall chambers to get the latest information on the project. Some wore T-shirts or held signs voicing their opinions.

"The majority of citizens in Vincent do not want a rock quarry," said Charles Cantrell. "We are disappointed they haven't listened to us for the last 12 months."

"The obvious thing is it will bring productivity, prosperity, jobs, and families will have better schools," said Carter Elliott.

The Vincent Planning Commission voted unanimously on March 23 to rezone 886 acres of land to accommodate a limestone quarry, and Tuesday night, they presented their research to the council. Representatives from White Rock Quarries also attended the meeting. They maintain the quarry would bring an economic boost to the area.

"If we're approved at council level, we will build one of the most green facilities that has been designed in the country," said White Rock Quarries President and CEO Jim Hurley. Adding, "It will create 122 new jobs for Vincent."

Vincent Mayor Ray McAllister said he is anxious to get a final resolution on this issue, but he wants to make sure city councilors know all the facts before making a decision.

"We want to make sure we do everything right," said Mayor McAllister, "We want to make sure before its voted on that we have done our due diligence the way it should be and we got all our questions answered, and we do it properly either way it goes."

Next, Councilors will host a public hearing on the issue May 4. Then they will vote on whether to rezone the property at their following meeting.

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