Booting in Five Points South concerns merchants

By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Business owners and patrons of Five Points South want something done about vehicle booting.

While there are signs posted near private lots warning people about the possibility, folks say it's become a problem.

People wonder whether booting is fair.

James Little, executive director of the Five Points South Merchants Group, says booting has been an issue for years.
Business owners say it's to the point where the fear of being booted is keeping customers from coming to Five Points South.

"It's always like ok where am I going to park, and then it's like where I am going to get booted," said James Little. "The issue has been a big ordeal now to the point where people don't want to come downtown or 5 Pts."

"I physically paid to get boots taken off cars just so i can have customers come back," said Brett Macdonald, business owner.

There is a public hearing about the issue Wednesday at 2 :00 pm at city hall.

Public Safety Committee Chairperson Johnathan F. Austin says he wants to hear from both the booting companies and citizens.

Austin says councilor will determine whether or not the ordinance on booting needs to be amended.

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