Despite rumor and myths, census encourage many to complete forms

By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Census awareness is a tough job for officials.

No matter how many television commercials or how many signs city leaders exhibit to remind people to complete the form and return it, many still don't do it.

Census officials say it's hard to convince some people to return the form.

There are a lot of myths concerning the census that have lead to fears among those who may have something to hide.

"We have to get them to feel safe. If they have a warrant out for them, we don't talk to law enforcement. If they are behind on child support, we don't talk to DHR," said Dr. Darryl Lee a Partnership Coordinator for the U.S. Census. "Whether you are documented or undocumented we still want to count everyone. We will not share this information with ICE or Immigration. We won't disclose this."

Remember if you don't fill out the form a census worker will come to your house.

If you don't get a census form by April 12th, there is a number you can call. It's 1-866-872-6868

For those who speak Spanish, call 1-866-928-2010.

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