Complaint filed over bingo bill investigation

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Attorneys Brett M. Bloomston and Joseph J. Basgier III have announced they will be holding a press conference on Friday to discuss a complaint filed by their client, Jarrod Massey, to the United States Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility. The complaint asks for the Justice Department to take control of an investigation into the passage of Senate Bill 380, a bill regarding bingo.

According to the complaint, tactics of the bingo bill investigation suggest political motivation.  The complaint also asks that control over the investigation be removed from U.S. Attorney Leura Canary in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety ahead of a vote on the bill in the Alabama House of Representatives. The attorneys ask for Canary's removal due to her husband's connection to Governor Riley.

The Head of the Alabama Black Caucus, Representative John Rogers, says he believes the investigation to be very serious. Rogers added that he has warned his members to be very careful. He says that talking about bills and campaign contributions is very dangerous and could make someone look like they were peddling influence.

Rogers also says that he believes this has put  a cloud over the bill and he doubts that it will now get out of the House.

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