Hoover PD using confiscated drug money to upgrade

By Emily Luxen

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Hoover Police Department Administrative Headquarters has a new look. Thanks to confiscated drug money, the facility is undergoing upgrades.

Captain Jim Coker said when seized drug money is awarded to the department in federal court, law stipulates that it must be spent on law enforcement.  He said it gives the department the perfect opportunity to make improvements, without using taxpayer or city money.
"Anytime we can use drug money to do anything directly for law enforcement, that is relief for city's budget," said Capt. Coker. "We can accomplish some projects that would couldn't do for several years."

In this latest round of improvements, the lobby and offices were completely remodeled. The crime lab recieved upgraded technology.
"In today's climate, people expect more evidence," said Supervisor of the Crime Scene Unit Sgt. Rod Glover. "They see the crime shows and they think that is the way it is supposed to be. We have to do everything we can when we go to a crime scene we recover every piece of evidence we can."
This is something the department has done for several years. Drug money also paid for upgrades to the 911 Operations Center and Police Operations Center on Lorna Road. Officers say these upgrades make life a lot easier and more efficient for officers.

"The technology was outdated here," said Capt. Jim Coker. "We have moved from 1985 to current state of the art technology."
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