King moves to take control of anti-gambling task force

By Alan Collins

MONGTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Alabama Attorney General Troy King is moving to take over control of the legal electronic bingo fight. "We are in the process of taking over the Governor's Task Force. We are in the process of ending the circus that has been going on in this state," King said.

King has filed legal papers to take over the White Hall case in Lowndes County. King says the Governor's Illegal Gambling Task Force and its commander, John Tyson, have been acting improperly with raids on bingo casinos. "John Tyson is not head of the task force. John Tyson has no authority under state law to speak for the state of Alabama. I do and have," King said.

King says he will handle all litigation involving electronic bingo.

"Finally. It's great to see the Attorney General doing his job," Matt Tortorici, head of the Bessemer Cutoff Bingo Alliance said.

Tortorici says there was a constant fear Tyson and the Task Force would shut them down. "Oh, at any moment. We were ready for him to pop in here because he is a very irrational person. He doesn't operate on any proper rational," adds Tortorici.

Tortorici and other bingo operators just want to prove their machines are legal in a court of law. King says any questions about the legality of bingo facilities should be answered in a court of law not by raids. "All the name calling, all the theatrics, all the warrantless raids are not going to stop us from getting an answer in court in a credible way it should be done," King said.

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