Homewood disagrees with ALDOT's plan for 280

By Sherea Harris

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - City leaders in Homewood are saying "no" to the state's plan to build elevated toll lanes along Highway 280.

ALDOT wanted to get local support on the elevated highway plan before moving forward.

Homewood was the first city to vote down the idea.

Homewood city councilors say they want something done about Highway 280 traffic problems, but they don't think ALDOT's plan is the answer.

Councilors say an interstate going through the city would be devastating 2 neighborhoods.
ALDOT spokesperson Tony Harris doesn't see this project happening any other way.
And he says without a toll-funded option, there is no other way to pay for the expansion.

"The other options that are floating around out there haven't been studied to the extent ours has," said Tony Harris. "Does it address congestion and does it address the long term impacts that remain even if you go with the other options that are out there."

"Literally there would be an interstate built over Homewood and we have historic neighborhoods of Hollywood and Rosedale that both would be impacted by this," said council member Jackie Langlow. "And quite honestly, the air and noise pollution would be more than we could bare."

At the council meeting, a representative with "Rethink 280" presented an alternative to ALDOT's plan. That group, made of local citizens, suggested simply adding more lanes to avoid an elevated highway and toll lanes.

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