Church celebrates Palm Sunday with palm parade

By Arielle Clay

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Many churches celebrate Palm Sunday and one Birmingham church did so with a Palm Parade.

"We're coming out to see the donkey," Anna Inskeep said.

Anna is referring to Eeyore.  Her church, Highlands United Methodist, is using the donkey and palm leaves as teaching tools for its young members.

"This day is Palm Sunday for the Christian church and it's the day we remember Jesus coming into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Today is the day that Jesus would have rode in and entered the place of his death," Emily Freeman Penfield of Highlands United Methodist, said.
Penfield says the event is so significant that she wants the kids to start learning about it now even though they may not fully understand.

"We're helping the story come alive from the scriptures they get to see what a donkey looks like. Then we have our procession up the street up to the doors of the church. It helps them get excited and let them know this is a significant day and week," Penfield said.

The kids followed Eeyore from Brother Bryan Park to their church steps while carrying Palm leaves.

"The story says they hold palms and wave them and if they didn't have a coat they'd lay them down," Anna said.

"The palms are leafy branches that people in Jerusalem waved as Jesus rode in on the donkey," Penfield said.

For now the parade is a fun event for the kids and one the church hopes will be a foundation for them later in life.

"We understand as we mature more," Penfield said.

"It's kind of like my favorite thing because we don't get to do it every time so it's really fun," Anna said.

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