Warrior - Blount County tax dispute reaches State House

By Emily Luxen

WARRIOR, AL (WBRC) -   A heated tax dispute between the city of Warrior and Blount County will now be settled by voters across Alabama.

The Alabama House of Representatives passed a proposed constitutional amendment that will place the issue on a statewide ballot.

In December, the Warrior City Council voted to pass a 1.5% sales tax for its police jurisdiction, which includes part of Blount County. Ever since the vote, Blount County residents boycott

Warrior businesses as a way to protest the tax. As a result, business owners in Warrior say they are suffering.
 "The boycott has nothing to do with us personally, but it does hurt us because people who work here have children to feed and bills to pay," said the owner of White House Restaurant Sharon Corley.

Blount County residents said they believe the city of Warrior taxes unfairly. They said they never see Warrior police patrolling the area, and shouldn't have to pay for the service.

Sen. Scott Beason, R-Gardendale, sponsored the proposed constitutional amendment and said he hopes a vote will settle the debate.

"It's really trying to address the issue and not have a similar problem in the future," said Sen. Beason, "it's not anything against anyone.  I just hope we'll have it solved and everything will go back to normal, I hope."

Voters who live outside of the area had mixed opinions on whether they should vote on the issue.

"I think it's ridiculous," said Jane Harris, "I think if it doesn't affect you, then I don't see the point in everyone voting on it."

"If it passes through whole state, then other cities can do it," said Ron Sanford, "So if you look at it that way, then it is a good thing to have the whole state vote on it."

The statewide vote will be Nov. 2.  To pass, it would have to be approved by voters statewide and voters in Blount County.

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