Attorney General Troy King taking over governor's task force on illegal gambling

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Attorney General Troy King announced Monday that he is taking over Governor Riley's task force on illegal gambling.

"We have tried it their way for 14 months.  Today is a new day, and we will take a new approach," said King at a 3pm news conference.  Attorney General King says his office is serious about the bingo issue, and plans to get the bottom of the matter quickly.

King issued a 3-point plan of action, which follows:

1) Governor Riley's appointed head of the task force, John Tyson, is relieved of his duties.  The task force has 24 hours to turn over any evidence collected during raids and investigations.

2) King wrote letters to the head of the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, and the head of the Alabama Department of Public Safety.  In those letters, King asks that the agencies to refrain from any actions, including raids, on any bingo halls.  However, King acknowledged that he has no control of the agencies.

3) King introduced Douglas McElvy as lead attorney representing the attorney general's office in the bingo cases.

"There are other ways than raids to gain information, said King.  King plans to use any evidence collected from the task force, and ask the Alabama Supreme Court to issue a declaratory judgment on the matter.

The governor's office plans to continue the fight.  Task force commander John Tyson says King has no legal authority to unseat him.

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