Five-year-old hero stays happy

By Alan Collins
BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A five year old Birmingham girl is being called a hero.

On March Ninth, a fire erupted at Sunrise Pointe Apartments. This left a number of families homeless, including five year old Miyah Johnson.

Miyah says it was a scary night. "The fire was coming into the house. We had to jump out the window," Miyah said.
Before the fire, at Miyah's daycare, Angel's Christian Academy, she watched a video of about fire safety. Miyah learned a valuable lesson which she used to convince her mother to get out of the apartment. "She kept screaming 'help'. I said we got to go and jump out the window," Miyah said.

Miyah's family dropped down and crawled to a window and escaped with their lives. The daycare director was not surprised. "When I heard Miyah saved her family's life cause of something we taught, it shows education is very important for children even at an early age," says Angela McClure, Director of Angel's Christian Academy.
Miyah had a slight burn to her arm. Her five month old baby brother, Christian was kept at Children's Hospital for a few days because of smoke inhalation.
So does the five year old feel like a hero? "It means It means I'm so happy. I feel like a butterfly," Miyah said.

Miyah's heroics will be recounted in the next fire safety lesson for children at the daycare. "She is special, not only about fire safety but academically. She is the top of her class," McClure said.

Miyah says she wants to save more people in the future as a doctor when she grows up.

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