Scam artists pretending to be census workers to get personal info

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - US Census forms are in the mail and scam artist are coming out of the wood work.

Lorena Wilson got her forms this week. She knows what to do and what not to give out. "I know what to do. I read it real good. I read it a second time to make sure I got it right," Wilson said.
Wilson does not give out personal information. That is not true of everyone. Scam artists try to take advantage of those people.

"We do not ask for social security numbers. We do not ask for bank account numbers as it relates to the census," says Darryl Lee the Partnership Coordinator for Alabama and Northern Florida.

Lee says before you let anyone in your home check them out first. "They should show their ID. They should show their credentials from the census bureau. They should also have a badge to let them know they are from the bureau," Lee said.

At this time, no one from the census bureau has been sent to residences for interviews. Some crooks may even ask for a payment. The U-S Census Bureau will not. If there is any suspicion call the authorities. "If you have a question or concerns. If you feel uncomfortable, place a call for law enforcement, so they can help. We have sent them information how they can identify our workers out in the field," Lee said.
"I know what to look for. It would do them no good to come to my door."Wilson said.

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