FOX6 News talks to Rep. Davis about his healthcare reform vote

By Jonathan Hardison

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - (D) Representative Artur Davis said today he will vote "no" on the health care reform legislation in Congress because he believes it costs too much and he says the important parts of reform could be accomplished at half the cost.

In an interview Thursday evening,  FOX6 News' Jonathan Hardison asked Davis about criticisms from some constituents that his "no" vote is a political move in his gubernatorial campaign, is designed to appeal to conservative Democrats, and appeals to some Republicans who might be inclined to cross party lines in November if they're convinced Davis isn't a rubber stamp for the National Democratic Party.

"I'd vote the same way and it's a common refrain in politics," Rep. Davis said. "When we disagree with someone we question their motives and we say they really don't mean it because, God forbid, how dare they disagree with what we think. But the left and right are guilty of doing that. If you look at my record over the last 7 years in Congress, I've consistently been one of the most moderate Democratic members of Congress. That criticism has been going in some circles for 7 years. It's not new for me to be someone who says that I think for myself, I make independent judgements, and sometimes that puts me in the political center and not on the left or right."

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