Tarrant mayor ok's police overtime to solve homicide cases

By Emily Luxen

TARRANT, AL (WBRC) - Tarrant Police are investigating two homicides in just two days. Officers say the sudden increase in crime forces them to make some changes at the department.

On Monday night, a Birmingham man was killed in the 1200 block of Jackson Boulevard.  Police arrested 29 year old Clarence Harris III in connection to the crime.

Tuesday night, Daniel Moseley, 49, was killed a minute's drive from Monday's scene. Moseley's homicide was in the 1300 block of Sloan Avenue.

Lt. Dennis Reno said officers continue to work long hours investigating the Tuesday night homicide. He said the situation has stretched the department pretty thin.

"Right now, we've talked with the mayor and because of an increase in violence here she has authorized us to pay officers overtime and increase patrols last night in the neighborhoods where we're having problems," said Lt. Reno.

Residents said they appreciate what officers are doing, but are still concerned about their safety.

"It's scary for my grandchildren, for my daughter, and for me to worry about everybody," said Tarrant resident Linda Hoggle.

"It worries me, but I refuse to be a prisoner in my home," said Barbara Tarr. Adding, "I'm not going to stay at home because I might get shot or mugged."

Tarrant Police encourage residents to call them with any information on open cases.  The phone number at the Tarrant Police Department is (205) 849-2811.

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