Widow of Major Bashinsky speaks

Leslie Bashinsky (WBRC video)
Leslie Bashinsky (WBRC video)

By Ashley Nix

MOUNTAIN BROOK, AL (WBRC) - The widow of Major Bashinsky, the son of the founder of Golden Flake whose body was found in a Birmingham lake this week, recalled Wednesday how she felt when he first went missing.

"I got a sick feeling in my stomach that night," said Leslie Bashinsky.

Mrs. Bashinsky talked to FOX6 News Wednesday, a day after authorities confirmed the body found in a lake at the Highland Golf Course was that of her missing husband. Bashinsky said her husband didn't show up for dinner on the night of March 3rd, which wasn't like him, so she called his phone.

'"Hey where are you?  Just wanted to see about dinner," Then I went to his office, found it wide open, lights on, computer on, TV on."

Major Bashinsky was gone.  It was nearly two weeks before his body was found in the Highland Park Golf Course lake. 

"It was shocking," Leslie Bashinsky said. "It's an end you would never dream would happen.  On the flip side, the 12 days that he had been missing and not knowing where he was was excruciating. I have an answer now."

Now she wants more answers.  What happened?  And more importantly why.  Bashinsky said she's sure her husband had enemies, like everyone does, but she can't imagine someone being so angry at him that this would be the final result.  She says she wonders if it was foul play or not?  Could Major Bashinsky take his own life.  Leslie Bashinsky says she just doesn't think it could be a possibility.

"I can't imagine he could do that, I just can't imagine," Bashinsky said. "He loved his family, he was the most dependable man ever. To me that is beyond my realm, that something like that could happen."

Leslie Bashinsky said waiting on results from the autopsy and investigation won't be easy, but she has to be strong for her two small children now, more than ever. 

"Then I have to look at the long term picture, and how it's going to be to be a single mom."

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