Widow speaks about Bashinsky death investigation

By Sherea Harris

Mountain Brook, AL (WBRC) - Mountain Brook's Police Chief Johnny Stanley tells FOX6 News authorities have positively identified a man's body that was pulled from a pond Monday at Highland Park Golf Course.
The Jefferson County's Coroner's Office says the body is that of 63-year-old Major Bashinsky.
Golfers noticed something that turned out to be the body, floating in the pond yesterday.

Birmingham authorities were notified. They recovered the body.

Bashinsky, an attorney and financial advisor, disappeared after leaving his home headed to work on March 3rd.

Bashinsky is the son of a former Golden Flake executive and a shareholder in the company.
His wife says now that he's no longer missing, she's focused on how her husband was killed.

"Obviously it's a huge shock to me, I would of never dreamed things would turned out this way, said Leslie Bashinsky. "However it's been excruciating not knowing where my husband has been for 12 days."
 Leslie Bashinsky says she knew the possibility of her husband being found alive wasn't looking good.
She feels as though she now has some closure though she says its tough for her family.

"We have two children that are six and eight. I do have step children they are older. So obviously I have to be strong for my kids. They are my concern make sure they are doing well. It'll be a tough time for them."
Leslie says while police aren't sharing any details about how her husband died, she's drawn her own conclusions because of the bizarre circumstances, which includes a letter found in his car that claims to be from upset workers and friends of Golden Flake.

And the most disturbing discovery his body found in a lake.

"I thought it looked like foul play in my mind but they are not sure no one is sure, " said Leslie.  "I'm waiting for the answers as well, I want to know just like you do and everyone. There have been so many rumors half have not been true, a lot of speculation. I'm one that I want the facts."

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