Man recovers from dog attack

Marvin Bimbow (WBRC video)
Marvin Bimbow (WBRC video)

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Marvin "T-Bone" Bimbow simply describes his attackers as, "Bad dogs, real bad dogs."

Bimbow was attacked by two pitbulls Sunday afternoon in the 900 block of 47th Place North. Bimbow was resting Monday after being released from the hospital. The Birmingham man received numberous bit marks including on his face, the most serious injury to his leg.

"They attacked me," Bimbow said. "Grabbed my nose. They grabbed my arms, legs and they starting biting me."

Bimbow said he was walking down the street when the two dogs quickly overwhelmed him.

"All of a sudden two dogs were attacking me," Bimbow said. "It was too late. They caught me."

DeAndre Phillips happened to drive up on the attack and witnessed a second man try to fight the dogs back from Bimbow.

"He was beating them with a bat," Phillips said. "They would not break loose. I shot a shot. They would not break loose. I shot the dogs."

Bimbow believes the animals would have killed him without the two men stopping to help him.

"They probably would have if it hadn't been for the guy in the truck and the guy who killed them," Bimbow said.

Dog attacks are not new to this Birmingham neighborhood. Folks living in the area said Monday they are fearful for their children.

"I find it very distrubing," said Theresa Watkins. "We have kids out here all the time, walking up and down the street."

The dead dogs are being tested for rabies. Bimbow is awaiting the results to see if he will have to undergo further testing.

"Yeah, when I see another dog, I'm going to go the other way," Bimbow said.

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