No federal charges against AG Troy King

Alabama Attorney General Troy King (WSFA video)
Alabama Attorney General Troy King (WSFA video)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Alabama Attorney General Troy King said Thursday a federal investigation into him and his office is over and no charges will be filed.

King, in a statement Thursday afternoon to FOX6 News, said his personal attorneys informed him the grand jury had concluded its investigation and adjourned.  In addition, King said U.S. District Attorney Joyce White Vance informed him the matter was "closed."

King said he still doesn't know who caused the investigation and may never know.

"The public and I may never know the motivations of those who registered the complaints that caused this process to be initiated in the first place," King said in the statement. "The public can know this though -- I am a stronger and wiser man who is more dedicated and resolved than ever before to meeting and answering the challenges of the Office of Alabama's Attorney General. No one can go through this process without gaining a renewed commitment to the need for government to respect the rights of all of our citizens."

Federal prosecutors opened a grand jury investigation against King in 2009, seeking information about King's travel, purchases, and any gifts he might have received while in office.

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