UAB nurse saves lives in Haiti

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – A University of Alabama at Birmingham Nurse who went to Haiti to save some lives got the chance to change his own.

Andres Viles has been a nurse for 10 years.   He's also a member of the Alabama 1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team.  When an Earthquake shook Haiti in February, Viles and his team were called to deliver medical assistance for nine days.

"In nine days we saw over 3200 patients.  We saw over 600 patients in one day.  To compare that to here, a busy day here is just over 200," Viles said.

Not only did Viles and his team have to see more patients than they were used to, they also had to do it with fewer resources. "Your resources are limited we didn't have x-rays your rely more on your physical assessment skills and what your gut was telling you," Viles said.

Along with wanting to help save lives, Viles also went to Haiti with another goal in mind. "I said before I leave this place I'm going to deliver a baby," Viles said.

One day during his downtime a woman went into labor and Viles got his chance. "The paramedic talked me through what I needed to do and I caught the baby cut the umbilical cord.  It's a wonderful thing in the middle of all this tragedy just to be able to bring in a life it's just amazing," Viles said.

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