Search continues for missing Mountain Brook man

By Sherea Harris

MOUNTAIN BROOK, AL (WBRC) - A Mountain Brook family is hoping to see a husband and father return home after almost a week of missing.

Sixty-three-year-old Major Bashinsky was last seen leaving for work.

His car was found Sunday near Birmingham's Southside. Inside was a piece of evidence, a letter.

Bashinsky is a Golden Flake stockholder and his father is the former owner of the company.

The letter says it's from workers and friends of Golden Flake who are forced to 'act with urgency to render justice from your terrible business decisions' regarding 'greedy and harmful dividends paid to the Bashinskys'

"When you get a letter like this your mind does race and think many of the scenerios that could happen," said Bashinsky's wife,  Leslie Bashinsky.  "Scenerios are scary," she added.

"We are looking at phone records, working on being able to look at bank records, computers he used," said Mt. Brook Police Chief Johnny Stanley. "Things of that nature anything that we night be able to analyze."

His wife also says when her husband didn't come home from work on time. She went to his office. The door was open but he and his car were gone.

Investigators don't know if he left voluntarily or if there was foul played is involved. That's what they are working to determine.

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