Legislature may use oil and gas money

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama Legislature is considering a plan to use money from the state's oil and gas trust fund to repair roads and bridges in Alabama.

Sen. Lowell Barron, (D) Fyffe, has proposed a $1 billion road and bridge plan that would take money from the fund.  Tuesday morning on FOX6 Good Day Alabama, Sen. Priscilla Dunn, (D) Bessemer, said she supports the idea.

"This money is so important to us," Dunn said.

This is the second time in this legislative session the plan has been proposed. Sen. Scott Beason, (R) Gardendale, said Tuesday it's still a bad idea.

"This is an election-year ploy," Beason said.

Beason said instead of spending all of the money in the trust fund, the legislature should continue to simply live off the $30 million interest generated each year by the fund.  That way, the money never runs out.

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