ASFA students take top honors in literary contest

(photo source Alabama School of Fine Arts)
(photo source Alabama School of Fine Arts)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Alabama School of Fine Arts students won first place in three out of four categories in the recent 2010 High School Literary Arts Awards contest.

The honors were announced by the ASFA in a statement to FOX6 News. ASFA says the students will be honored during a ceremony at the Alabama Capitol on March 10.

Senior Peter Gray won awards in three different categories and a $500 scholarship for a compilation of his work in his senior portfolio. Peter also won first place in the Creative Nonfiction category and a $150 prize, the Judge's Special Recognition in the drama category and a certificate of recognition in the poetry category.

Seniors Kelsey Greenwood and Abby Melton also won first place and $150 awards in the drama and fiction categories respectively. Senior Clay Greene also received a $500 scholarship for his senior portfolio entry.

The Creative Writing Department's Literary Magazine Cadence won the Best Overall Awardfor Literary Content and Graphic Design. The other honorees are as follows: Parker Leonard, Judge's Special Recognition for CreativeNonfiction; Emma Roberts, second place for fiction and $75 prize; Lin Wang, Judge's Special Recognition for fiction; Caitlin Owsley, second place for poetry and $75 prize; Amber Smith and Anna Turkett, Judge's Special Recognition for poetry. Certificates of recognition in poetry also were awarded to Julia Bach, Parker Leonard, Antoinette Forstall, Danielle Hurd, Abby Melton; Tyler Pratt, Emily Swanagin, and Laura Oliver.

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