Pell City awaits state approval for traffic cameras

By Sherea Harris

PELL CITY, AL (WBRC) - Another Alabama city wants to use video to catch drivers breaking laws at intersections.

Pell City's leaders are hoping to get traffic cameras installed to deter drivers from running red lights.

Montgomery already uses those cameras.    

Pell City is awaiting approval from the legislature before installing the cameras.

Although the mayor of Pell City expects criticism, some drivers were for the idea.

"It's good because they need to be," said Lester Rich, "because people get killed running red lights."

"I will probably would be more cautious, slow down, and be watching that yellow light a little more," said  Suellyn Champion.

While the cameras will also help police with other things like investigating accidents at intersections, Mayor Bill Hereford says the cameras will help  reduce the number of collisions at intersections.

He says because drivers know they are being watched.

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