New ad aimed at underage drinking

By Melanie Posey

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Police say parents hosting underage drinking parties has become a big problem in Hoover.  

The Hoover Coalition started attacking the problem last year before spring break and they kicked off the second phase of that project on Tuesday. It warns parents that hosting such parties are against the law.  

They have enlisted the help of Jack Nutter, a Hoover Spanish teacher who lost his 16-year old daughter Ashley in August 1987. She and three of her girlfriends made a quick run to the store with the guy she had been dating. He had been drinking.

"They just didn't realize when they left the house that he was in the condition he was," Nutter said of the driver.  "They hit a culvert and flipped…only one survivor."   

That type of loss is what a group called the Hoover Coalition is trying to prevent.  

Starting Tuesday, the coalition began running a P-S-A in which Nutter sends a message.  

"I remember that phone call like yesterday," Nutter says.  "If you think saying no to your kids is hard, trying saying goodbye." Nutter says he felt he had to do the ad in hopes of saving other lives.  The ad will run 390 times on Charter Cable stations.

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